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Our Books and CDs:

The Big Book of Catapult and Trebuchet PLANS!
$24.95 - more info

Trebuchet Plans on CD
$9.95 - more info

Torsion and Tension Catapult Plans CD
$8.95 - more info

Catapult Design, Construction and Competition
$19.95 - more info

Our complete line of kits:

Easy to assemble, display quality and fully functional solid hardwood model kits manufatured in the USA by RLT Industries, New Braunfels, TX.

Mini Mayhem!
$34.95 - more info

The Hurl-O-Matic Tabletop Trebuchet
$29.95 - more info

Mini Floating Arm Trebuchet
$34.95 - more info

The Mini Trebuchet
$39.95 - more info

The Desktop Trebuchet
$49.95 - more info

The Science Project Experiments Catapult Kit
$59 - more info

TK3 Model Trebuchet, Hobbyist Version
$79 - more info

Floating Arm Trebuchet
- Hobbyist Version

$195 - more info

Floating Arm Trebuchet ™
- Competition Machine

$175 - more info

The Stirling Warwolf Trebuchet
$199 - more info

X-treme Onager
$70 - more info

Greek and Roman Ballista
$119.95 - more info

The Desktop Onager
$39.95 - more info

Medieval Siege Set
$34.95 - more info

The Ferris Wheel
$89 - more info

The Rubber Band Shooter kit
$19.95 - more info

Leonardo DaVinci's Cam Hammer
$39.95 - more info

Medieval Battering Ram
$39.95 - more info

DaVinci's Ball Bearing Machine
$39.95 - more info

The Compound Gear Train
$29.95 - more info

The Lever Paradox
$49.95 - more info

Perpetual Motion Machine
$169 - more info

The Chinese South Pointing Chariot
$79 - more info

The Chinese South Pointing Chariot
- Easy Assembly Version

$59.95 - more info

Leonardo DaVinci's Self-Supporting Arch Bridge
$29.95 - more info

The Warren Truss Bridge
$49.95 - more info

The Cable-Stayed Suspension Bridge
$79.95 - more info

The Warren Truss Bridge, Long Version
$69.95 - more info

The Catenary Arch
$49.95 - more info

Earthquake Tower
$72.95 - more info

$69 - more info
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What I hear, I forget.
What I see, I remember.
What I do, I understand.
-- Ancient proverb

(More information about the educational value of model building.)

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