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Roman Catapult Video

In this video, as seen on The Learning Channel, a hand-picked team of Engineers, Materials Experts, Military Historians and Master Carpenters try to duplicate the best efforts of the Roman Military machines. The goal is to hurl a 50 lb. stone 400 yards using the same materials and in the same time frame as the Roman's great machine. (Now you can get the kit too!)

Starting with a small model developed from accounts in the historical texts, calculations are made, materials analyzed and plans are drawn up to build a full-sized machine that will stand as tall as a house!

Critical to the power and successful operation of the machine, the large rope skeins had to be constructed. Watch the experts investigate making rope from animal sinew like the Romans did, and figure out how to duplicate the properties of the sinew rope using modern materials. Larger models are made and tested, until the team thinks that they've got a good enough plan to begin the big one! Watch the master carpenter select which trees to use from a local forrest and chop them down. Then the huge timbers are shaped and formed, right into the night.

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