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FAT/F2K Trebuchet PLANS

Downloadable Trebuchet Plans!

Included with these plans:
* Detail drawings of all wooden parts.
* Notes on scaling
* Detailed assembly instructions with lots of photographs
* How to calculate your efficiency
* Web links for more information on history, physics of trebuchets and more!

The Floating Arm Trebuchet is the most revolutionary design in trebuchet technology since the middle
ages. Invented by Ron Toms in 1998, the FAT uses modern engineering principles to increase the efficiency
of the medieval trebuchet.

The Trebuchet was the most mechanically efficient throwing machine ever invented, a status that it held
until the development of the FAT! (FAT style machines have been built with over 80% mechanical efficiency)

In early 2000, Ron modified the design (now called the FAT-2000, or F2K) to double the amount of power
available in the machine. Some efficiency was lost, but the increased power more than made up for the
small loss in efficiency. This three-foot tall machine, weighing about twenty pounds- including
counterweights, is capable of hurling a golf ball the length of an American football field.

The main difference between a traditional Trebuchet and a Floating Arm Trebuchet is that the main
throwing "arm" has been de-coupled from the frame, and the counterweights are constrained to fall exactly
vertically, the way gravity works best. By de-coupling the arm, it is allowed to "float" on a series of wheels
rather than just spin on an axle. This improves performance even more.

It's a great science experiment, and a great model just to have fun with for a different kind of target

Tools you will need to make this kit:
Table saw
Miter saw or chop saw
Drill press
Screw driver

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