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PVC Trebuchet Plans

Downloadable PVC Trebuchet Plans

This is the "home made" trebuchet specially designed for school science projects. It is constructed of
sturdy PVC tubing and connectors and contains all the information you need to build a working model
trebuchet. When properly constructed and tuned, it is capable of tossing golf balls over 40 feet!

The finished model is only 29 inches long, and in the cocked position the counterweight reaches a
maximum height of 29 inches. The axle is 20 inches high, and the arm has a total length of 39 inches. The
detailed instructions are complete with diagrams, photos, parts list, tuning tips and web links for even
more information about trebuchets! The only tools you'll need are a saw or PVC cutting tool, a drill (for 5
small holes) scissors, pliers and some glue. That's it!

All parts are common, household parts that can be easily found at any hardware and gardening center. The
instructions kit will save you hours and hours of time working out the right fittings and figuring out how to
put them together.

Designed by catapult and trebuchet expert Ron Toms, this machine is easy to assemble, and it really

We've put a lot of time and effort into making this plan as easy and complete as possible. It's a great way to
learn about trebuchets!

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    Minimum age: 8
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