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Medieval Battering Ram

Amazing display model with moving parts!

Battering rams are one of the oldest types of siege engines, having been in use since ancient times. The purpose of the battering ram was to smash, repeatedly, into the enemyʼs fortifications allowing the besiegers to directly attack the enemy once the wall or gate had been broken through. Some rams were as simple as several men and a log. Others were more sophisticated, like this model, having a massive ram suspended from a structure, with wheels for mobility.

The finished model is 12 inches long, 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide, a perfect size to fit on your desk beside your handy trebuchet, ready to besiege your office co-workers at a moment's notice in the event that any negotiations don't go favorably.

This is one of our most highly detailed models. The shields and wheels have been computer carved for accurate and delicate features that would otherwise be extremely difficult and time consuming to achieve. The stepped appearance of the rams-head simulates a layering of iron plates, which could have been used in ancient times for strength and weight.

The rams-head focuses the entire mass of its initial impact to a point, shattering any wooden beams and piercing any metal sheeting, then the head flares out to push the debris away and widen the opening. The overall machine can then be wheeled back and rolled into another point, to repeat the process across a wall, gates, or portcullis as many times as necessary.

This model will make a fine addition to anyone's home museum or bookcase display of ancient technologies.

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